Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Middle of October ALREADY

So it's Oct.15th and I haven't put a post here since September 24th! I am too busy for this but I will try :)

I'm on lunch right now, at my desk, and looking at my calendar I see I've made no lunch plans for the rest of the week! Hmmm....maybe I'll arrange for lunch with Loretta tomorrow.
Celery, grape tomatoes, an orange and green tea round out my lunch today. Yum!

Last night was Steph's first choir concert for the year. She did beautifully. Hit all her required high notes ;) She certainly has grown as a singer and performer in the past 4 years. It's still so hard for me to believe this is her last year in High School!
As with my son, I look forward to see what great things she will do in the years to come!

We have received information that the high school choir groups were, once again, invited to go to NYC to perform under John Rutter at Carnegie Hall. Christopher performed there twice and this will be Stephany's second performance. This trip you can call me "chaperone" :)

Steph is anxiously awaiting a call from the photography studio with word that her senior pictures are ready for review. She needs to make her choice of which one she wants for the yearbook then order up gazillions of prints for gazillions of dollars because we can't pass them up. ;)
I was there for the shoot and there were soooooo many cute shots it will be difficult to choose.

That's it for now....back to work :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day after the 1st day of Fall (2nd day of fall)

No, don't think that I will continue on this count all the way through autumn. I do so much like fall! I have already mentioned that it is my favorite time of the year. I don't want to "count it away" because I know where that will get me ....that snow covered cold time of the year and I'm not ready to go to that place yet. Need to focus on developing a "team builder" for my group. Maybe I can come up with something that is seasonal. Need to think about that a bit. The unit really needs something fun. Any creative thoughts, please send a comment my way, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished two books this weekend while sitting outside enjoying what "could" be one of the last weekends to do that while catching some rays!

Done with Van Gogh in Provence and The Renaissance. Moving on to read about Venice :)

I'm ok with tomorrow being the first day of fall - it is actually my favorite season. Love the change in colors and wearing cozy sweaters!

Let's see is the list of seasons as I like them...

MEME - TMI Entry:

Ok - so dennisfassett from Twitter "tagged" me the other day to play a meme game, so here goes!

Six fabulous things about me:

1.) Grew up in third largest city in Pennsylvania living there for many (30ish) years, moved to suburban Detroit area for better school district 11 years ago and love it here!
---Thats really more like 4 facts already but I will move on :)

2.) Went to Catholic grade school 1st through 8th grades then Catholic all girls High School then Catholic college where I received an associate degree in Accounting.
---Always been a good girl ;)

3.) Took an exciting job administering promotional funds for a local Food Broker in Farmington Hills who was then bought out by a large National Food Broker who didn't much care for their employees as was evident when one day we went into work to find an e-mail informing that negotiations with bank/court had not gone as planned and they were bankrupt and we all were to vacate by the days end! We lost 2 weeks pay. I was picked up by another National Food Broker to continue to manage one of my larger accounts since I already had a working relationship with them. Stayed there for a year while they got on their feet, settled in with the accounts they "inherited" from the the previous broker then decided to "let us go" to give our jobs to their original employees after we had sufficiently trained them. That's business.
---I'm outta breath!!!

4.) Now working for an insurance company as a supervisor - ya know the company, the one with the Snoppy Blimps! :)
Absolutly love my employeer and wish I could work there FOREVER!

5.) Have a son in 2nd year of College (majoring in Communications) lives at home, however, with school, work, friends, girlfriend....I see him occasionally ;)
I also have a daughter who is a Senior in High School. She is involved in singing, piano and acting. This is a terribly busy year.
---Have so enjoyed watching my children grow up into wonderful young adults!!! :)

6.) Still wondering what I'm going to be/do when I grow up!
More school? Start a business? Publish a book that is bought and turned into a movie?
---It could happen! :)

Ok- I tag the following:


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